Tim Westwood Discusses Babies, Willow Smith, Illuminati and the empire with JAY_Z

Posted 10 November 2010   Celebrity Interviews, News, Pictures

Jay-Z joined my UK show boss Tim Westwood for another epic sit-down to discuss his slew of new products (Jay-Z Hits Collection Vol.1, Decoded and more); saying that the items are collectibles and starter kits for his new fans who just think “New York State of Mind,” is Hov’s piece de resistance (*headsmack*).

Jay tells Tim that he was especially moved by a cloistered nun who wrote about how she knew hip hop was important but needed a book like Decoded to understand how and why. Jay: “Rap music is poetry, and we’re modern day poets.” (sidebar: wasn’t there some debate amongst academics last week about whether rap lyrics should be categorized as poetry? With some hip hop folks arguing no? )

They also discussed the Illuminati accusations, which seem to me to be built by obsessive conspiracy theorists and then spread by morons. Lol, and that led naturally to the King Hammer question (no, not this Hammer, but this Hammer ; )…

But when Jay-Z and Tim Westwood talk about Beyonce’s pregnancy rumors, I disagree when Hov scoffs at the possibility of US Weekly (or another tabloid) being able to leak the news before the couple does. Sadly, I think anything is possible in this age of paparazzi-gotcha-journalism.

Also, fascinating….Hov’s reaction to Willow Smith and their first meeting. He was most impressed by her, as a 9-year-old, being aware enough to tell him she was nervous, lol. Check the Interview Below DREAMCHASERS!


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